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April 13

Happy Birthday RIP Samuel Beckett(1906–1989) Donald Yarmy(“Don Adams” 1923–2005) Lyle Waggoner(1935–2020) Paul Sorvino(1939–2022) Tony Dow(1945–2022) ; Ronald Perlman–74 William Sadler–74 Robert “Peabo” Bryson–73 Caroline Rhea–60 Richard “Ricky” Schroder Jr–54 Kyle Howard–46 ; 1870 – The New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art is founded. ; 1902 – James C. Penney opens his first store in Kemmerer, Wyoming #JCPenney

April 12

Happy Birthday RIP Johnnie Collier(“Ann Miller” 1923–2004) Sir Charles Napier(1936–2011) Herbert Khaury(“Tiny Tim” 1932–1996) Thomas Clancy Jr(1947–2013) David Cassidy(1950–2017) ; Herbert Hancock–84 Edward O’Neill–78 David Letterman–77 Thomas Noonan–73 Andrés “Andy” García Menéndez–68 Shannen Doherty–53 Nicholas Brendon Schultz–53 Claire Danes–45 Jennifer Morrison–45 ; 1945 – U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies in office; Vice President Harry Truman, becomes President upon Roosevelt’s death ; 1955 – The polio vaccine, developed by Dr. Jonas Salk, is declared safe and effective

April 11

Happy Birthday RIP Oleg Cassini Loiewski(1913–2006) Meshach Taylor(1947–2014) ; Ethel Skakel Kennedy–96 Joel Grey(Katz)–92 Louise Lasser–85 William “Bill” Irwin–74 Michele Scarabelli–69 Lisa Stansfield–58 ; 1976 – The Apple I is created. The first Apple computer which ran the first macOS had only a basic CRT, motherboard and keyboard and was designed by Steve Wozniak.

April 10

Happy Birthday RIP Joseph Pulitzer(1847–1911) Kevin “Chuck” Connors(1921–1992) Harry Morgan(Bratsberg 1915–2011) Michel Chalhoub(عمر الشريف “Omar Sharif” 1932–2015) Carl “Max” von Sydow 1929–2020) John Madden 1936–2021) Elizabeth “Liz” Sheridan (1929–2022) Lee Capellaro(“Ving”)–74 Steven Seagal–72 Peter MacNicol–70 Brian Setzer–65 Katrina Leskanich–64 Damien Puckler–52 Charles Hunnam–44 Michael Pitt–43 Amanda “Mandy” Moore–40 Haley Joel Osment–36 ; 1866 – The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is founded in New York City by Henry Berg. ; 1912 – The RMS Titanic leaves port in Southampton, England for her maiden and only voyage

April 9

Happy Birthday RIP Avery Schreiber(1935–2002) Hugh Hefner(1926–2017) Moshopopoulos Yolas(“Marty Krofft” 1937–2023) ; Michael Learned–85 Dennis Quaid–70 Marc Jacobs–61 Cynthia Nixon–58 Jennifer Massoli(“Jenna Jameson”)–50 Keshia Knight Pulliam–45 Jonathan “Jay” Baruchel–42 Leighton Meester–38 Jesse McCartney–37 Kristen Stewart–34 Mary Elle Fanning–26 ; 1961 – The Pacific Electric Railway in Los Angeles, once the largest electric railway systems in the world, ends operations

April 8

Happy Birthday RIP “Mary Pickford”(Gladys Smith 1892–1979) Elizabeth “Betty” Ford(1918–2011) Sheldon Greenfield(“Shecky Greene” 1926–2023) ; John Schneider IV–64 Jeffrey “Izzy Stradlin” Isbell–62 John Julian Lennon–61 Robin Wright–58 Patricia Arquette–56 ; 1913 – The 17th amendment to the Constitution, providing for the popular election of U.S. senators, was ratified ; 1958 – A team of computer manufacturers, users, and university people led by Grace Hopper (pioneer of first high level mainframe programming language) meets to discuss the creation of a new language that would be called COBOL(common oriented business language)

April 7

Happy Birthday RIP Ian Richardson(1934–2007) “Billie Holiday”(Elinora Fagan 1915–1959) James Bumgarner(“Garner” 1928–2014) William “Wayne” Rogers III(1933–2015) ; Edmund “Jerry” Brown Jr–86 Francis Ford Coppola–85 John Oates–76 Kong-sang “Jackie” Chan(陳港生)–70 Russell Crowe–60 Edward John Speleers–36 ; 1927 – AT&T engineer Herbert Ives transmits the first long-distance public television broadcast(from Washington, D.C., to New York City, displaying the image of Commerce SecretaryHerbert Hoover).; 1943 – The National Football League(NFL) makes helmets mandatory ; 1948 – The World Health Organization (WHO) is established by the United Nations(UN) ; 1964 – IBM announces the System/360 the first major computer mainframe architecture which features 8-bit byte addressing 

April 6

Happy Birthday RIP Phil Leeds(1916–1998) Merle Haggard(1937–2016) ; William December “Billy Dee” Williams–87 John Ratzenberger–77 Patrika Darbo–76 “MariLou Henner”(Mary Lucy Pudlowski)–72 Paul Rudd–55 Anders Jensen–52 Zachary Braff–49 Candace Cameron–48 Miguel Ángel Silvestre Rambla–42 Charlie McDermott–34 ; 1909 – Robert Peary and Matthew Henson reach the North Pole. ; 1947 – The first Tony Awards are presented for theatrical achievement at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City

April 5

Happy Birthday RIP Eldred Gregory Peck(1916–2003) Ruth “Bette” Davis(1908–1989) Spencer Tracy(1900–1967) Christopher Hewett(1921–2001) Colin Powell(1937–2021) ; Maxwell Gail–81 Åse Agneta Fältskog–74 Thea Gill–54 Pharrell Williams–51 ; 1792 – U.S. President George Washington exercises his authority to veto a bill, the first time this power is used in the United States. The bill was outlining a new apportionment formula submitted by then Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. Apportionment described how Congress divides seats in the House of Representatives among the states based on the US census figures

April 4

Happy Birthday RIP Heath Andrew Ledger(1979–2008) Daniel David White(1916–1990) Anthony Perkins(1932–1992) “Maya Angelou”(Marguerite Johnson 1928–2014) Peter Vaughan(Olm 1923–2016) Estelle Harris(Nussbaum 1928–2022) ; Craig T. Nelson–80 Hugo Weaving–64 Graham Norton(Walker)–61 David Cross–60 Robert Downey Jr–59 Nancy McKeon–58 James Rodriguez(“Roday”)–48 ; 1850 – The city of Los Angeles was incorporated ; 1968 – Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated by James Earl Ray at a motel in Memphis, Tennessee ; 1975 – Microsoft is founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico