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July 22

Happy Birthday RIP Daniel Rowan(1922–1987) Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo(1932–2014) Anthony James(1942–2020) “Orson Bean”(Dallas Burroughs 1928–2020) Giorgi “Alex” Trebek (1940–2020) Estelle Louise Fletcher(1934–2022) ; Terence Stamp–86 Daniel “Danny” Glover–78 Donald Henley–77 William “Willem” Dafoe–69 John Leguizamo–64!Keith “Sweat”(Crier)–63 David Spade–60 Colin Ferguson–52 Franka Potente–50 Selena Gomez–32 : 1991 – Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested in Milwaukee after police discover human remains in his apartment

July 21

Happy Birthday RIP Ernest Hemingway(1899–1961) Jesse Donald Knotts(1924–2006) Robin Williams(1951–2014) Janet Reno(1938–2016) ; “Cat Stevens”(Steven Georgiou)–76 Taco Ockerse–69 Jonathan Lovitz–67 Keith “Ike” Eisenmann–62 Joshua Hartnett–46 Rory Culkin–35 ; 1873 – At Adair Iowa, Jesse James and the James-Younger gang pull off the first successful train robbery in the American Old West ; 1969 – Apollo program: At 02:56 UTC, astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the Moon. #55Anniv

July 20

Happy Birthday RIP Natalia Zakharenko(“Natalie Wood” 1938–1981) Lola Albright(1924–2017) Enid Diana Rigg 1938–2020) ; Kimberly Carnes–79 Carlos Santana–77 Frank Whaley–61 Michael Park–56 Sandra Oh–53 Simon Rex Cutright–50 ; 1969 – Apollo 11 successfully makes the first manned landing on the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first humans to walk on the Moon.

July 19

Happy Birthday RIP Barbara Bedford (Violet Rose 1903–1981) Dennis Cole(1940–2009) Martin “Pat” Hingle(1924–2009) ; Brian May–77 Beverly Archer–76 Atom Yegoyan–64 Lisa Lampugnale–63 Campbell Scott–63 Anthony Edwards–62 Benedict Cumberbatch–48 Jared Padalecki–42 ; 1900 – The first line of the Paris Métro subway opens for operation

July 18

Happy Birthday RIP Hume Cronyn Jr(1911–2003) Richard “Red” Skelton(1913–1997) Nelson Mandela(1918–2013) John Glenn Jr(1921–2016) ; Paul Verhoeven–86 Craig Bruderlin(“James Brolin”)–84 Audrey Landers(Hamburg)–68 Elizabeth McGovern–63 Wendy Williams–60 Mark Sinclair(“Vin Diesel”)–57 Kristen Bell–44 Christopher Chace Crawford–39 ; 1968 –Intel is founded in Mountain View , California ; 1969 – After a party on Chappaquiddick Island, Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts drives an Oldsmobile off a bridge and his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne dies in the accident but he survives.

July 17

Happy Birthday RIP James Cagney(1899–1986) “Art Linkletter”(Gordon Kelly 1912–2010) Phoebe “Snow”(Laub 1950–2011) Phyllis “Diller”(Driver 1917–2012) Carol Diahann Johnson 1935–2019) Donald Sutherland(1935–2024) ; Duchess Camilla Queen Consort(Shand)–77 Terence “Geezer” Butler–75 Lucie Arnaz–73 David Hasselhoff–72 Heather Langenkamp–60 Alexander Winter–59 Michael Vogel–45 ; 1955 – Disneyland is dedicated and opened by Walt Disney in Anaheim, California

July 16

Happy Birthday RIP “Ginger Rogers”(Virginia McMath 1911–1995) “Barbara Stanwyck”(Ruby Stevens 1907–1990) ; Stewart Copeland–72 Phoebe Cates–61 John William Ferrell–57 Corey Feldman–53 Jayma Mays–45 James David Maslow–34 ; 1790 – The District of Columbia was established as the seat of the U.S. government.

July 15

Happy Birthday RIP Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn(1606–1669) Nan Martin(1927–2010) Alexander “Alex” Karras(1935–2012) Jan Michael Vincent(1945–2019) ; Patrick “Wayne” Morrison–85 Linda Ronstadt–78 “Arianna Huffington”(Ariadne Stassinopoulos)–74 Terrance Quinn–72 “Willie Aames”(Albert Upton)–64 Forest Whitaker III–63 Bridget Nielsen–61 Scott Foley–52 Diane Heidkrüger(“Kruger”)–48 ; 2003 – AOL Time Warner disbands Netscape. The Mozilla Foundation is established on the same day ; 2006 – Twitter is launched, becoming one of the largest social media platforms in the world

July 14

Happy Birthday RIP George Tobias(1901–1980) Sid Haig (1939–2019) ; Nancy Olson–96 Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier–92 Vincent Pastore–78 Jane Lynch–64 Matthew Fox–58 Melissa Fisher(“Missy Gold”)–54 Alisha Wainwright–35; 1789 – French Revolution: Bastille Day ; 1943 – In Diamond, Missouri, the George Washington Carver National Monument becomes the first United States National Monument in honor of an African American

July 13

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday RIP Robert “Bob” Crane(1928–1978) Gerald Levert(1966–2006) ; Sir Patrick Stewart–84 Harrison Ford–82 Richard “Cheech” Marin–78 Edith Bernstein(“Didi Conn”)–73 Thelma Louise Mandrell–70 Cameron Crowe–67 Robert Gonzalez(“Gant”)–56 Deborah Cox–50 Steven Chadwick McQueen–36 Colton Haynes–36 ; 1923 – The Hollywood Sign is officially dedicated in the hills above Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It originally reads “Hollywoodland” but the four last letters (land) are dropped after the renovation in 1949 so it reads simply Hollywood.