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October 06 2010

Happy Birthday Elisabeth Shue-47 Ioan Gruffudd-37 Jeremy Sisto-36 Olivia Thirlby-24 ; 1927 opening of “The Jazz Singer” starring Al Jolson

October 05 2010

Happy Birthday Steve Miller-67 Jeff Conaway-60 Clive Barker-58 Guy Pearce-43 Kate Winslet-35 ; 1947 Truman gave first televised address

October 04 2010

Happy Birthday Anne Rice-69 Susan Sarandon-64 Armand Assante-61 Liev Schreiber-43 Alicia Silverstone-34 ; 1957 Leave It to Beaver premiered

October 03 2010

Happy Birthday Lindsey Buckingham-61 Jack Wagner-51 Clive Owen-46 Gwen Stefani-41 Neve Campbell-37 Sean William Scott-34 Ashlee Simpson-26

October 02 2010

Happy Birthday Rex Reed-72 Annie Leibovitz-61 Sting-59 Kelly Ripa-40 Tiffany Darwish-39 ; 1950 The comic strip “Peanuts” was first published