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March 13 2011

Happy Birthday Neil Sedaka-72 William H. Macy-61 Danny Masterson-35 Emile Hirsch-26 ; 1884 Standard Time was adopted throughout the USA

March 12 2011

Happy Birthday Barbara Feldon-78 Al Jarreau-71 Liza Minnelli-65 James Taylor-63 Aaron Eckhart-43 ; 1918 Moscow becomes the capital of Russia

March 11 2011

Happy Birthday Sam Donaldson-77 Bobby McFerrin-61 Nina Hagen-56 Lady Chablis-54 Johnny Knoxville-40 Terrence Howard-42 Thora Birch-29

March 09 2011

Happy Birthday Charlie Gibson-68 Jeffrey Osborne-63 Martin Fry-53 Juliette Binoche-47 Emmanuel Lewis-40 Kerr Smith-39 Brittany Snow-25

March 06 2011

Happy Birthday Alan Greenspan-85 David Gilmour-65 Rob Reiner-64 Tom Arnold-52 Shaquille O’Neal-39 ; 1834 City of Toronto was incorporated

March 04 2011

Happy Birthday Adrian Zmed-57 Catherine O’Hara-57 Steven Weber-50 Chaz Bono-42 Whitney Port-26 Andrea Bowen-21 ; 1902 AAA founded in Chicago