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June 3

Happy Birthday RIP “Josephine Baker”(Freda McDonald 1906–1975) Maurice Evans(1901–1989) Ellen Corby(Hansen 1911–1999) “Tony Curtis”(Bernard Schwartz 1925–2010) Chuck Barris(1929–2017) ; “Deniece Williams”(June Chandler)–74 Susan “Suzie” Plakson–66 Anderson Cooper–57 Jason Jones–57 ; 1889 – The first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States is completed, running 14 miles (23 km) between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, Oregon

June 2

Happy Birthday RIP Marvin Hamlisch(1944–2012) Sally Kellerman (1937–2022) ; Walter Stacy Keach Jr–83 Charles Haid III–81 Lars “Lasse” Hallström–78 Gerald “Jerry” Mathers–76 Joanna Gleason(Hall)–74 Dana Carvey–69 Liam Cunningham–63 Wentworth Miller III–52 Zachary Quinto–47 Justin Long–46 Dominic Cooper–46 ; 1924 – Congress granted U.S. citizenship to all American Indians

June 1

Happy Birthday RIP “Frank Morgan”(Francis Wuppermann 1890–1949) “Marilyn Monroe”(Norma Jeane Mortenson 1926–1962) Cleavon Little(1939–1992) Andy Griffith(1926–2012) Rene Auberjonois(1940– 2019); Charles “Pat” Boone–90 Morgan Freeman–87 Brian Cox–78 Jonathan Pryce–77 Lisa Hartman Black–68 Heidi Klum–51 Alanis Morissette–50 Amy Schumer–43 ; 1890 – The United States Census Bureau begins using Herman Hollerith’s tabulating machine to count census returns ; 1967 – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles is released ; 1980 – Cable News Network (CNN) begins broadcasting

May 31

Happy Birthday RIP Walter “Walt” Whitman(1819–1892) Denholm Elliott(1922–1992) Dominic “Don” Ameche(Amici 1908–1993) ; Clinton Eastwood Jr–94 Sharon Gless–81 Joseph “Joe” Namath–81 Thomas Berenger(Moore)–75 Christopher Elliott–64 Lea Thompson–63 Corey Hart–62 Brooke Shields–59 Colin Farrell–48 Johnathan Tucker–42 ; 1921 – The Tulsa race massacre took place where mobs of White residents, many of them deputized and given weapons by city officials, attacked Black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa. This is also called the massacre of Black Wall Street https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsa_race_massacre ; 2005 – Vanity Fair reveals that Mark Felt was Deep Throat, the Watergate scandal’s whistleblower

May 30

Happy Birthday RIP Mel Blanc(Melvin Blank 1908–1989) Benjamin “Benny” Goodman(1909–1986) ; Ruta Kilmonis(“Lee”)–89 Stephen Tobolowsky–73 Colm Meaney–71 Theodore “Ted” McGinley–66 Ralph Carter–63 Mark Sheppard–60 “Wynonna Judd”(Christina Ciminella)–60 Idina Menzel–53 Omri Katz–48 ; 1911 – At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the first Indianapolis 500 ends with Ray Harroun in his Marmon Wasp becoming the first winner of the 500-mile auto race

May 29

Happy Birthday RIP John Fitzgerald Kennedy(1917–1963) Leslie “Bob” Hope(1903–2003) George Clifton James(1920–2017) ; Anthony Geary–77 Daniel “Danny” Elfman–71 LaToya Jackson–68 Frank “Ted” Levine–67 Annette Bening-Beaty–66 Rupert Everett–65 Adrian Paul Hewett–65 Melissa Etheridge–63 Lisa Whelchel–61 Laverne Cox–52 David Burtka–49 Daniel Tosh–49 ; 1942 – Bing Crosby, the Ken Darby Singers and the John Scott Trotter Orchestra record Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas”, the best-selling Christmas single in history

May 28

Happy Birthday RIP Ian Fleming(1908–1964) Zelda Rubinstein(1933–2010) Elizabeth Howland(1941–2015) ; Gladys Knight–80 John Fogerty–79 Brandon Cruz(Williams)–62 Kylie Minogue–56 Justin Kirk–55 Mark Jake Johnson Weinberger–46 Jesse Bradford Watrouse–45 Carey Mulligan–39 Joseph Cross–38 ; 1892 – In San Francisco, California, John Muir organizes the Sierra Club ; 1936 – Alan Turing submits “On Computable Numbers” for publication

May 27

Happy Birthday RIP Hubert Humphrey Jr(1911–1978) Vincent Price Jr(1911–1993) Christopher Lee(1922–2015) Heinz “Henry” Kissinger (1923–2023) Louis Gossett Jr(1936–2014) ; Lee Meriwether–89 Bruce Weitz–81 “Siouxsie Sioux”(Susan Ballion)–67 Peri Gilpin(Oldham)–63 Adam Carolla–60 Todd Bridges–59 Edward McClintock–57 Joseph Fiennes–54 Paul Bettany–53 Christopher Colfer–34 ; 1896 – The F4-strength St. Louis-East St. Louis Tornado hits in St. Louis, Missouri and East Saint Louis, Illinois, killing at least 255 people and causing $2.9 billion in damage ; 1927 – The Ford Motor Company ceases manufacture of the Ford Model T and begins to retool plants to make the Ford Model A

May 26

Happy Birthday RIP “John Wayne”(Marion Morrison 1907–1979) Peter Cushing(1913–1994) “Jay Silverheels”(Harold Smith 1912–1980) “Peggy Lee”(Norma Egstrom 1920–2002) James Aurness(1923–2011) ; Brent Musburger–85 Stephanie “Stevie” Nicks–76 Philip Michael Thomas–75 Pamela Grier–75 Randall Hank Williams Jr–75 Eugenie “Genie” Francis–62 Robert “Bobcat” Goldthwait–62 Leonard “Lenny” Kravitz–60 Helena Bonham Carter–58 Matthew Stone–53 Lauryn Hill–49 ; 1896 – Charles Dow publishes the first edition of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The average price of the 11 initial stocks was $40.94. Today it closed at 32,120!

May 25

Happy Birthday RIP Belle Miriam Silverman(“Beverly Sills” 1929–2007) Claude Akins(1926–1994) Dixie Carter(1939–2010) Anne Heche(1969–2022) ; Ian McKellen–85 Leslie Uggams–81 Frank Oznowicz(“Oz”)–80 Karen Valentine–77 Concetta Sellecchia(“Connie Sellecca”)–69 Michael Myers–61 James “Jamie” Kennedy–54 Octavia Spencer–54 Cillian Murphy–48 ; 1953 – The first public television station(Public Broadcast) in the United States officially begins broadcasting as KUHT from the campus of the University of Houston ; 1968 – The Gateway Arch in St. Louis was dedicated http://bit.ly/2qXvmu6 ; 2020 –George Floyd is murdered by asphyxiation in police custody by Derek Chauvin with a knee on his neck for over 9 minutes. Chauvin was fired and charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder andsecond-degree manslaughter. He was sentenced to 22 years in prisonThe other three police officers are also in jail for being accessory to murder.