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Executive Order by 45 is total crock of shit.

“In a nutshell:
>”Every other president did it”
(No they did not. This is a new policy)

>”They broke the law so they deserve incarceration.”
(Improper border crossing is misdemeanor with a fine attached)

>”Bill Clinton passed the law.”
(No he did not. He passed no law. But the courts in the 1997 Flores Consent Decree ended a lawsuit from the Reagan administration and directed ICE to reunite minors with parents within 24 hours or as fast as humanly possible)

>”But Hillary…”
(Hillary has nothing to do with this.)

>”But her emails…”
(Her emails have nothing to do with this. )

>”But Obama…”
(Obama is not president.)

>”The Democrats are responsible.”
(Trump is responsible. He directed Jeff sessions to implement a new zero tolerance policy.)

>”We are just doing what the law says.”
(There is no law that says we have to do this.)

>”We are overrun by immigrants.”
(This is not true and it is an irrelevant logical fallacy unrelated to this situation.)

>”Trump is horrified and cannot do anything about it because of the Democrats in Congress.”
(No. He is absolutely the ONLY one who can do anything about it.)

>”The media is lying about it.”
(Do some firsthand research and you will discover that the only lies about this are coming from partisan sources like Breitbart, Daily Caller, Fox, and the like.)

>”Everyone is just trying to take down Trump.”
(No. Everyone is trying to push that malignant narcissist to stop causing irreparable emotional and physical trauma on children in furtherance of political gain and feeding an uncompassionate vitriolic fearful voting base.)”

Joey Prat