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February 14

Happy Birthday RIP “Jack Benny”(Benjamin Kubelsky 1894–1974) Edward Platt(1916–1974) Victor Morrow(Morozoff 1929–1982) Gregory Hines(1946–2003) Florence Henderson(1934–2016) ; Hugh Downs–98 Michael Bloomberg–77 Raymond Teller–71 Alan Hunter–62 “Meg Tilly”(Margaret Chan)–59 Simon Beckingham(“Pegg”)–49 Alfred “Freddie” Highmore–27 ; 1991– Silence of the Lambs opens and later is first thriller/horror film to win “big five”: Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role(Anthony Hopkins), Best Actress in a Leading Role(Jodie Foster), Best Director(Jonathan Demme), Best Screenplay(Ted Tally)