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January 27

Happy Birthday RIP Johannes Wolfgangus Mozart(1756–1791) “Donna Reed”(Donnabelle Mullenger 1921–1986) Olivia Joyce Compton(1907–1997) “Troy Donahue”(Merle Johnson Jr 1936–2001) ; James Cromwell–84 Nicholas Mason–80 Mikhail Baryshnikov(Михаи́л Бары́шников)–76 “Mimi Rogers”(Miriam Spickler)–68 Susanna Thompson–66 Keith Olbermann–65 Bridget Fonda–60 Alan Cumming–59 Tamlyn Tomita(タムリン·トミタ)–58 ; 1880 – Thomas Edison received a patent for his electric incandescent lamp(light bulb) and it’s considered the first light bulb but actually isn’t first. There were several prototypes that came first.