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March 20

Happy Birthday RIP Fred Rogers(1928–2003) Jerry Reed(Hubbard 1937–2008) ; Carl Reiner–97 “Hal Linden”(Harold Lipshitz)–88 Martin Brian Mulroney–80 William Hurt–69 Shelton “Spike” Lee–62 Holly Hunter–61 Kathleen “Kathy” Ireland–56 Michael Rapaport–49 Dean Geyer–33 ; 1996 – A jury in Los Angeles convicted Erik and Lyle Menendez of first-degree murder in the shotgun slayings of their millionaire parents. (They are serving life without parole) ; 1997 – Liggett Group settled 22 state lawsuits by admitting the industry markets cigarettes to teenagers and agreeing to warn on every pack that smoking is addictive. #AriesCelebs