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May 14

Happy Birthday RIP “Billie Dove”(Bertha Bohny 1903–1997) “Bobby Darin”(Walden Cassotto 1936–1973) ; George Lucas–79 Robert Zemeckis–72 David Byrne–71 “Tim Roth”(Timothy Smith)–62 Catherine “Cate” Blanchett–54 Sofia Coppola–52 Gabriel Mann–51 Mark Zuckerberg–39 ; 1904 – The first Olympic games and “Louisiana Purchase Exposition World Fair” to be held in the United States opened in St. Louis Missouri. The invention of the ice cream cone occurred here as well as this locale became home to Forest Park which is still the location of the region’s major cultural institutions—the Saint Louis Zoo, Art Museum, History Museum, Science Center and the Muny Opera ; 1935 – The Griffith Observatory opens as one of the first planetarium science center in the US.