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May 21

Happy Birthday RIP Raymond Burr(1917–1993) Mary “Peggy” Cass(1924–1999) Alice Drummond(1928–2016) Richard Hatch(1945–2017) ; Jonathan Hyde–73 Gerard “Leo” Sayer–73 Alan Franken–70 Lawrence Tureaud(“Mr. T”)–69 Edward “Judge” Reinhold Jr–64 Kevin Quinn–24 ; 1881 – Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross ; 1981 – Transamerica Corp agrees to sell United Artists to MGM for $380 million after the box office failure of 1980 film “Heaven’s Gate” considered one of the worst films ever made. In contrast 1978 film”Deer Hunter” by the same director was one of the highest acclaimed pictures and was Meryl Streep first academy nomination (best actress). #Ironic