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November 4

Happy Birthday RIP William “Will” Rogers(1879–1935) Arthur Carney(1918–2003) Walter Cronkite Jr(1916–2009) Doris Roberts(Green 1925–2016) Marjorie “Markie” Post(1950–2021) ; Loretta Swit–86 Laura Bush(Welch)–77 Berlinda Tolbert–74 Kathleen Griffin–63 Ralph Macchio–62 Jeffrey Probst–62 Matthew McConaughey–54 Sean Combs–54 Travis Van Winkle–41 ; 1952 – The United States government establishes the National Security Agency, or NSA. Today it collects all sorts of US citizens information including GPS, Personal, and social media information both from smartphones and computers. This was all exposed by Edward Snowden when he was forced to flee the country after being a whistleblower for information kept at NSA as of the 90s ; 2008 – Barack Obama becomes the first man of African-American descent to be elected President of the United States