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October 7

Happy Birthday RIP “June Allyson”(Eleanor Geisman 1917–2006) ; “Joy Behar”(Josephina Occhiuto)–81 John Mellencamp–72 Judy Landers(Hamburg)–65 Simon Cowell–64 Dylan Baker–64 Daniel Savage–59 Toni Braxton–57 Brandon Quinn Swierenga–46 Shawn Ashmore–44 ; 1998 – Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, is found by a bicyclist near the fence where he lay severely injured ; at first thinking the body was a fallen scarecrow, he soon realized otherwise and ran to call for help. Responding officers reported that Shepard’s face was caked in blood except where tears made tracks along his cheeks. The two men are serving double life sentences without parole in separate prison sites. #MatthewShepard #HateCrime