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May 5

Happy Birthday RIP “Tammy Wynette”(Virginia Pugh 1942–1998) ; Michael Palin–81 Jonathon Rhys-Davies–80 Kurt Loder–79 Brian Williams–65 Kristina “Tina” Yothers–51 Henry Cavill–41 Walter “Bart” Baker IV–38 Adele Adkins–36 ; 1925 – John T. Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution ; 1934 – The first Three Stooges short, Woman Haters, is released

May 4

Happy Birthday RIP Audrey Hepburn(Ruston 1929–1993) Paul Gleason(1939–2006) ; Richard Jenkins–77 Pia Zadora(Schipani)–70 Randy Travis(Traywick)–65 Mary Elizabeth McDonough–63 Ana Gasteyer–57 William “Will” Arnett–54 Michael Pritchard(“Mike Dirnt”)–52 James Lance Bass–45 ; 1959 – The 1st Grammy Awards are held in the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The list of winners follows

  • Best Album Cover : Winner: Frank Sinatra – Only the Lonely
  • Best Album Of The Year : Winner: Henry Mancini – The Music from Peter Gunn
  • Best Arrangement : Winner: Henry Mancini – The Music from Peter Gunn
  • Best Dance Band Performance : Winner: Count Basie – Basie
  • Best Female Vocal Performance : Winner: Ella Fitzgerald – Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Irving Berlin Songbook
  • Best Group Jazz Performance : Winner: Count Basie – Basie
  • Best Individual Jazz Performance : Winner: Ella Fitzgerald – Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Song Book
  • Best Male Vocal Performance : Winner: Perry Como
  • Best Original Cast Album – Broadway Or Television : Winner: Meredith Willson – The Music
  • Best Song Of The Year : Winner: Domecnico Modugno – Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)
  • Best Soundtrack Album, Dramatic Picture Score Or Original Cast : Winner: Andre Previn – Gigi

May 3

Happy Birthday RIP Lucile Langhanke(“Mary Astor” 1906–1987) James Brown(1933–2006) Ann B Davis(1926–2014) Alex Viespi(“Cord” 1933–2021) ; Francis Castelluccio(“Frankie Valli”)–90 Chris Mulkey–76 Ron Canada–75 Christopher Cross(Geppert)–73 Roberto “Bobby” Cannavale–54 ; 1802 – Washington, D.C., was incorporated ; 1978 – The first unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail (which would later become known as “spam”) is sent by a Digital Equipment Corporation marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United States

May 2

Happy Birthday RIP Harry “Bing” Crosby Jr(1903–1977) “Hedda Hopper”(Elda Furry 1885–1966) ; “Engelbert Humperdinck”(Arnold Dorsey)–88 Bianca Macias(“Jagger”)–79 Louis Grammatico(“Lou Gramm”)–74 Christine Baranski–72 Donatella Versace–69 Dwayne Johnson–52 David Beckham–49 ; 1932 – Jack Benny’s first radio show debuted on the NBC Blue Network ; 1955 – Tennessee Williams wins the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

May 1

Happy Birthday RIP Louis Nye(Niestat 1913–2005) Gwyllyn Samuel “Glenn” Ford(1916–2006) Jack Paar(1918–2004) Richard J. Riordan(1930–2023) ; Judith Collins–85 Rita Coolidge–79 Joanna Lumley–78 Ray Parker Jr.–70 Samuel “Tim” McGraw(Smith)–57 Wesley Anderson–55 Becky Baeling Lythgoe–47 ; 1885 – The original Chicago Board of Trade Building opens for business ; 1931 – The Empire State Building is dedicated in New York City ; 1941 – The Orson Welles film “Citizen Kane” premiered in New York City ; 1987 – APA removed homosexuality as mental disorder from the DSM III. Ego-dystonic homosexuality is removed and replaced by “sexual disorder not otherwise specified,” which can include “persistent and marked distress about one’s sexual orientation.”

April 30

Happy Birthday RIP “Eve Arden”(Eunice Quedens 1908–1990) “Al Lewis”(Alexander Meister 1923–2006) Gary Collins(1938–2012) Cloris Leachman(1926–2021) Gerald Delouise(“Burt Young” 1940–2013) ; Adrian Pasdar–59 Jeffrey Timmons–51 Johnny Galecki–49 Kunal Nayyar–43 Kirsten Dunst–42 Dianna Agron–38 ; 1900 – Hawaii becomes a territory of the United States, with Sanford B. Dole as governor ; 1904 – The Louisiana Purchase Exposition World’s Fair opens in St. Louis, Missouri. It is credited with the waffle-style ice cream cone invention/creation and first mass sales of it in the USA. It was a result of not having enough clean dishes to serve the ice cream so they create the sugar cones as holders to serve the Ice Cream scoops. Those locale became home to Forest Park which is still the location of the region’s major cultural institutions—the Saint Louis Zoo, Art Museum, History Museum, Science Center and the Muny Opera.

April 29

Happy Birthday RIP Edward “Duke” Ellington(1899–1974) Leslie Jordan(1955–2023); Richard Kline–80 Nora Dunn–72 Jerome “Jerry” Seinfeld–70 Katherine “Kate” Mulgrew–69 Daniel Day-Lewis–67 Michelle Pfeiffer–66 Eve Plumb–66 Uma Thurman–54 Andre Agassi–54 ; 1968 – The controversial musical “Hair”, a product of the hippie counter-culture and sexual revolution of the 1960s, opens at the Biltmore Theatre on Broadway, with its song becoming anthems of the anti-Vietnam War movement

April 28

Happy Birthday RIP James Monroe(1758–1831) Nelle Harper Lee(1926–2016) Carolyn Jones(1930–1983) Lionel Barrymore(1878–1954) ; Ann-Margret Olsson–83 James “Jay” Leno–74 Mary McDonnell–72 Jorge Garcia–51 Penélope Cruz Sánchez–50 Jessica Alba–43 ; 1932 – A vaccine for yellow fever is announced for use on humans

April 27

Happy Birthday RIP Hiram Ulysses Grant(1822–1885) Walter Lantz(1899–1994) Coretta Scott King(1927–2006) Jacob “Jack” Klugman(1922–2012) Robert Donner(Morris 1931–2006) Kemal “Casey” Kasem(1932–2014) ; Katherine “Kate” Pierson–76 Eric Schmidt–69 Kevin McNally–68 Sheena Easton(Orr)–65 Cory Booker–55 Sally Hawkins–48 William Mosley–37 James Duke Mason–32 ; 1981 – Xerox PARC introduces the computer mouse.

April 26

Happy Birthday Carol Burnett–91 Jet Li Lian Jie( 李連杰)–61 Kevin “James” Knipfing–59 Thomas “Tom” Welling–47 Channing Tatum–44 ; 1986 – A nuclear reactor accident occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine), creating the world’s worst nuclear disaster. An explosion and fire in the No. 4 reactor sent radioactivity into the atmosphere; at least 31 people died immediately