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September 24

Happy Birthday RIP Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald(1896–1940) Audra Lindley(1918–1997) Phillip Hartmann(1948–1998) James Henson(1936–1990) ; Kevin Sorbo–63 Antonia “Nia” Vardalos–59 Justin Bruening–42 Andrew Leeds–40 Grey Damon–34 Spencer Treat Clark–34 ; 1968 – 60 Minutes debuts on CBS ; 1979 – Compu-Serve launches the first consumer internet service which features the first public electronic mail service(“email”). Later the start of public access to Internet overall web and ftp) were ISPs (internet service providers) that provided connectivity via TCP/IP to general public starting in 1989. Before that the internet was known as Arpanet and mainly used by military and college institutions ( dot mil and dot edu domains are still used) . For example army.mil or Harvard.edu