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September 24

Happy Birthday RIP Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald(1896–1940) Audra Lindley(1918–1997) Phillip Hartmann(1948–1998) James Henson(1936–1990) ; Kevin Sorbo–65 Antonia “Nia” Vardalos–61 Justin Bruening–44 Andrew Leeds–42 Grey Damon–36 Spencer Treat Clark–36 ; 1968 – 60 Minutes debuts on CBS ; 1979 – Compu-Serve launches the first consumer internet service which features the first public electronic mail service(“email”). Later the start of public access to Internet overall , web and ftp) where ISPs (internet service providers) that provided connectivity via TCP/IP to general public stared circa 1989. Before that the internet was known as Arpanet and mainly used by college and military institutions ( dot mil and dot edu domains are still used) . For example army.mil or Harvard.edu or Whitehouse.gov