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September 25

Happy Birthday RIP Christopher Reeve(1952–2004) Juliet Prowse(1936–1996) William Faulkner(1897–1962) Barbara Walters (1929–2022) ; Michael Douglas–79 Cheryl Tiegs–76 Anson William Heimlich–74 Mark Hamill–72 Michael Madsen–66 Heather Locklear–62 Beth Toussaint–61 Tate Donovan–60 Willard “Will” Smith Jr–55 Catherine Jones(Douglas)–54 Hal Harry Sparks III–54 David Benihoff(Friedman)–53 ; 1789 –The United States Congress passes twelve constitutional amendments : the ten known as the Bill of Rights, and the Congressional Apportionment Amendment and the Congressional Compensational Amendment ; 1957 –Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas is integrated by the use of US Army troops forcing the first desegregation of a public school after SCOTUS rules that segregation is unconstitutional.